Client sunflower watercolor quilt.

Client wanted a sunflower on this watercolor quilt she had finished a while ago.

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Lone Star Quilt

Here is a lone star quilt I quilted for a client.  

Here are some ideas I had for doing the corners.  Client wanted some sort of feather in them.  

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Twister heart quilt

Here is a twister heart quilt for a client.  Had fun quilting it with swirls and hearts with a ribbon curls border.  Don’t think I’ll ever do a twister quilt, just does not inspire me.  

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My new helper

Our son brought home a kitten he found on the streets.  She didn’t have a collar and wasn’t chipped.  His girlfriend is allergic so we took her in.  She reminded me of my favorite Starbucks drink (Double chocolate chip crime frapachino), but that was too long of a name.  Called her Toasted Marshmellow for a week or so, Marshmellow for short, but still seemed too long. Settled on Misty (although when she is being mean and playing with my feet at 4 in the morning I slip and call her Miriam-our last cat). 

Got her spayed and she did not like the cone.

Researched and found a tutorial to make her a t-shirt to wear instead. 

1st prototype was too tight and she just payed down (or maybe it was too strange and she just didn’t know what to do).  Quickly made her another one that she was able to move in. 

Didn’t like it too much, but tolerated it.  I had to make a few so that we could change her if it got dirty (which it did).  Now she is all healed and no longer need to wear the shirt.

Wonder how long it will be before her fur grows so we will no longer see her pink belly.  She loves the freedom though.  She loves to help me inspect the quilts when they are done (and loves to try to help me quilt them. )

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Leaf table runner

Just a row of leafs.  Quilted a different filler around each one.  

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Customer Row by Row Quilt

Fun quilt with a few challenges.  Like how it turned out.

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Customer quilt with special border quilting

Had a great time with this one.  Loved her appliqué in the border and wanted to do something special.  Extended the pattern out into the border, really love how it turned out.

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So much fun

Customer Batic quilt.  I love it when customers let me play on their quilts.  I do ask some questions so I get a feel for what they want.  This customer wanted a bright electric color thread so it would show on the borders.  I had so much fun doing the quilting on this one, although it was a loathe quilt and took a bit of time to do.  I used a lot of designs from APQS Whirls and Swirls YouTube videos.  

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Hawaiian coloring book quilt.

Remember tri-Chem (I think that is the name if it) paints? They were paints in tubes that were popular to make tea towels, etc in the 70’s I think. Anyhow a client used them to color these Hawaiian kids and then she made a quilt out of them and wanted me to quilt it with traditional echoing. It did pose some problems with some of the blocks but I worked it out on my iPad with procreate and found that it would work with a few modifications (used monopoly thread in the pictures themselves where I didn’t want to echo). 

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Princess dress quilt for client.

Had a really fun quilt I did recently for a new client. Some backgrounds I knew what I wanted to do, with others I looked at online coloring pages to give me ideas.

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