My Quilting Awards

This has been a great year.  Didn’t really start out thinking about entering any quilts into contests or shows.  I knew I would enter something into our guild show.  The Featured image is my Cherrywood Van Gogh Challenge quilt.  A good friend encouraged me to do this challenge.  It was kind of last minute (I only had about 2 months to think of a quilt design and finish it).  I used various techniques; curved piecing, raw edge appliqué, couching yard for the tree, lots of free-motion quilting using variegated threads, and beading.  I really like how it turned out.  And I was thrilled to get the notification that it was chosen as a finalists.  My quit is part of the French Gallery which will debut in Oct in Houston.  I will be able to see it in January when it comes here to Road to California.  And I may even have to plan a trip up to Oregon in July to see it gain at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  It will then go with the other 119 (120 total) finalists to the Bohin needle factory in France for 4 months (August- November).  So excited to be part of this touring group.  It will also be photographed and put into a book with the 210 total finalist.  They had so many entries this year that they choose to have a second gallery that will travel to different shows while the 1st set in is France and other venues.  So I’ve heard at the Road to California they will have a book signing, so I’ll let you know when that is and you can come and have your book signed by me and other finalists.  Yay!!!!!!


This is my “Ghost Bear” quilt.  Made from a pattern.  I entered him into the OC Fair and won a 1st Place ribbon on him.  I also won 2nd place, 3rd place, and Honorable mention. I even got a participant ribbon for the 5th quilt that did not win anything, so I got ribbons for all my quilts.  Here is a video of my OC Fair wall of fame.

OC Fair 2017 wall of fame


This is my “I’m Celebrating Turtles” entry in my Quilters by the Sea Quilt Guild challenge.  Of course after I have named it and put my label on and sent in the entry I thought of a better name for it.  It should have been “I’m Celebrating Vacations”.  Anyhow I loved making this quilt.  I used a pattern for the turtles and it is not appliqué or curved piecing.   It used a technique that you use with cathedral windows where you fold a triangle and sew the raw edges into the seams.  The folded edge is left free and you turn it down creating that curve and sew it to make it stay.  I used textured organza (2 different shades) over the ocean fabric and added tulle and beads along with quilting to form the foam on the ocean.  I also added the beads along the shoreline and by the turtles.  Here is my video for my QBS wall of Fame.

QBS 2017 wall of fame

Los Angeles County Quilt Show 2018.

I entered my Zeb the Zebra in the Los Angeles COunty Quilters Guild Quilt show and won viewers choice.  I was not able to be there and was so surprised to find out I won.


La County Fair 2018

This is not my quilt, but one that I quilted for a client. It won 2nd place in the professional quilting catergory.


I also entered the design a block challenge.  You bought a ft quarter and had to design a clock.  I won third place for my block.  They kept those.


And my latest quilt to be in a show, Supernove De La Luna (I had not finished her before I had to send in the entry form-I now call her Stella).