Christmas Window

I had the pleasere of helping out a friend with a project for her friend.06021F58-D009-4E3D-BA79-DBFD1D943BF2

This was a windowpane wall hanging that she had done last year.  She had done some outline stitching, but thought it was flat and wanted some more quilting on it to bring it more life. The above picture is after I outlined the snowflakes and added some swirls to the snow and his coat and some to the animals.  Below is some of the detail in his facial hair.


I did end up taking out the grey thread around his face and a few other places that it really stood out.


Felt it needed more so I did some line stitching on the backgroud.  I was happy with it at this point and returned it to my friend.  She liked it but felt it needed something in the window frames.  I was unsure, but did it anyway.


Added the woodgrain and the some lines.  I am so glad I did, it added so much depth to the wallhanging.  Shows you that you can’t have too much quilting.