Hi, my name is Sandy Carreon (with my beautiful granddaughter).  I learned how to sew at an early age as my mother was a seamstress who sewed for others in our home.  I would make clothes for my Barbie’s and later took home ed in middle school and then started making my own clothes.  Like my mom, I made clothes for my kids when they were younger.  Growing up, we all had quilts that my grandmother had handquilted and had wool blankets for batting-they were so warm in the winter.  My mother made simple patchwork quilts out of the scraps left over from her sewing projects.  She used the fluffy polyester batting and tyed them with yarn.  I admired quilts but never thought I’d be able to make them and really did not know where to start.  On a vacation in 1993 to see my sister in Oregon she introduced me to the quiltmaking world, with books and rotary cutters and mats and rulers (oh my).  Of course my first quilts were twin size for my daughters beds.  I even hand quilted them, boy was that a chore.  In the years since, I have had all sorts of seasons.  I worked on miniature quilts for a while. I’ve done paper piecing and applique.  Hand quilting and machine quilting.  I joined a local quilt guild for a few years (1998-2000), but ended up putting the quilting aside for the most part when I took on homeschooling our children.  I rejoined the guild in2011 and have held various positions.   I had my own sewing business for a few years doing a few commissioned quilts, working for designers making samples of purses (one was made out of artificial turf), clothing and costumes. Now that the kids are grown and doing their own things I feel it is time for me to pursue my interests and passions.  Right now my passions are free-motion quilting and making wholecloth wall hangings and art quilts.  I am excited to start this next adventure in my life.




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