New addition to my Business

2020 was a very busy year for me. At the end of January I was able to go to what would be the last in person quilt show I would go to all year (and then some as they still are not able to do in person quilt shows). At that show I purchased my Handiquilter Amara with a 12 foot frame and Pro-stitcher. My first stand up longarm with computerization so I’m able to do larger quilts and use digitized quilting designs.

This is the machine I ordered. I love the Road to California quilt show as they had all the major longarm quilting dealers. I had already done my research and had a list of machines I was interested in trying and I spent quite a few hours testing and asking questions and finally decided on the Handiquilter Amara. Since I love free motion quilting the one major deciding factor that sold me on this brand was the fact that I could go from a digital design to free motion quilting with just a touch of a button on the computer screen. So with the new machine I am able to handle larger quilts (it is on a 12 foot frame which means I can easily handle quilts as wide as 120”. And I can use digital quilting designs, and if fact with the Pro-stitcher software I can actually design my own digital quilting designs. I’ve done a few so far and hope to do more and also sell them. 2 of them are designs that are meant to be stitched in order for you to have a place to practice your free motion quilting and have something useful from it. 1 I did as a table runner and the other one can be used on a quilt of any size. I need to do more testing before I release them to be sold. If you are a machine quilter and would like to be a pattern sticker for me please send me a message.

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