Supernova De La Luna


Here is my newest quilt.  Here she is hanging at Road to California quilt show in the special exhibit put together by SCCQG.  So not in the judged show, but still there to be seen by many.  I say her on Friday and I guess you can say I am the mystery quilter as my nameplacard and info about the quilt was nowhere to be found.  Hopefully they were able to put it on for the final days.  I do have my label on the back though, but sad to say it was not displayed in a very good area, so I was kind of disappointed.  But at least it did have a light for it.  Other quilts were not so lucky.

Here are some pictures as I came up with this quilt design.  Actually started with it on the Dream big panel.


Liked her on the supernova panel better.  The girl is from Tula Pink’s De La Luna fabric line.


But decided I liked her with the scrolls around her.


And here are some of the threads I choose.4421305c-3905-44c2-ab7d-9d6f8915a62f

I Starte don’t with the metallic spiderweb and added the feathers using Patsy Thompson’s hyperquilting.

And here she is finished.  I added some crystals to highlight areas, but unfortunately they don’t photograph well.


My final touch was a black widow spider hanging by a silver thread.  We’ll see if she survives the weekend.  She will be displayed at The Sewing Escape, 7713 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA until her next show, which will be April 13 and 14 at the Quilters by the Sea Quilt Show at the EXPO Arts Center in Long Beach.  You can purchase advance tickets for $8 until March 14th, contact me or go to our website at

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1 Response to Supernova De La Luna

  1. Heather says:

    You are just so talented! My goodness 😊 so very inspiring and beautiful… Thank you for sharing!


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