2018 Clients Quilts

This is a quilt I quilted for a client who entered it into the LA county fair and won 2nd place.


This was another Applique quilt I did for a client.  I love how the quilting really brings life to the blocks and had so much fun doing the feathers around the border.


This was far a client whose aunt had started the quilt, but passed away.  The center is a cross stitched panel.  She had started to do the cross hatching by hand so and the client wanted her stitching left in.


This is a banner I made for my friend’s business.  It was her patten and fabric.  I pieced it and did all the quilting.  Used yarn and my couching foot to put in the name of her business.  Loved doing all the graffiti quilting on it.


I get to quilt some of the cutest quilts.  Loved how she added the branches.  And my cat liked it too.




Other quilts that I get are the collage quilts.  Here are some of the collage quilts I quilted this year.