Cherrywood Van Gogh quilt

Here is the picture I used for my quilt, I took his painting and made it square using Procreate on my iPad.


This was the first picture when I had the background put together and added the stars and started to do the quilting (picture was taken June 16).  The kits came with the 3 blues in the background and a black.  I could only use Cherrywood fabrics.  As luck would have it I went to a guild quilt show June 9th while visiting my daughter and found a grab bag of Cherrywood fabrics.  I choose one that had the most yellows since that is what I was missing for the stars and moon. I wasn’t very impressed with my decisions and even contemplated starting over or at least redoing part of it.

2nd stage

But I persevered and kept at it. It looked better the more quilting I added and with the buildings.


I liked it much better when I did the cypress tree (couched it on with my Tiara II and the couching foot).  I looked at many a store for the perfect yarn. Still felt it needed more.  I had some beads from another project and went shopping for more.

before beading

Here is how the beading started.




Now it was really starting to look good.  Here are some close-ups after it was finished.


closeup2Turbulence in Thread and Beads detil 2

I used fusible web to attach the buildings and then used invisible thread to stick around them.  Also added details to the building with a Micron pen.


And the final product. Which I needed to send photos in by August 1st with a measuring tape to prove it was 20″.  I love how the variegated thread added texture and movement to the quilt.

Tubulence in Thread and Beads

This is what the back looks like. Oh, I also added some glow in the dark thread to some of the stars and swirl.  The yellow is a fluorescent yellow thread not the glow in the dark one.

Version 2


If you want to follow the quilts and where they are going, here is the link.

Where it will be traveling.

I hope you get the chance to make it to one of the exhibits and see all 120 quilts.  They have another 80 that are in the Dutch Gallery which will be going to other venues.


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