International Sewing Month

Hey, it’s International Sewing Month, yay.  Time to celebrate all that I love. I’ve got quite a few UFO’s (unfinished objects) so let’s see how many I can get done in September.  Along the way I will update my website as I have already finished some that I had listed here, and of course have added others.  It is late (as usual with me) and I am tired and of course my hone is taking it’s sweet time talking to my computer and getting my photos transferred over.  So I will post another blog tomorrow that has all my pictures.

Yesterday I put the binding on 2 child size quilts.  One for community relations for QBS

(quick pattern and just did a large meandering)

and one for a friend who won a panel at a guild meeting.

(cute little mermaid panel, some outlining and a few swirls) This one will go to the silent auction at our quilt show in October.  (Los Angeles Count Quilters Guild Quilt Show Oct 7-8, 2016 at the Greek Orthodox Church of Long Beach, 5761 East Colorado ST, Long Beach, CA).

Those were for Sept 1st.  For Sept 2nd I did not get any quilts finished (but the night is not over yet).  Today I worked on getting some signature blocks done for a guile meeting next week.  A member, and friend, from the guild has suffered a brain aneurysm and is in the hospital.  She is doing well, but surely faces a long recovery road.  So I wanted to make her a quilt that will help her to see all who love and miss her and are thinking of her.  I sent the pattern instructions and message to the guild members but wanted to have some blocks on hand for those who missed the message or were not able to make a block but still want to send a message.  I will collect the blocks at the meeting next week and make her the quilt.  I’ll also include some spare blocks (and a pen for signing) for those who do not quilt but want to sign or write something on the quilt for her.

In the 1st picture I am trying out a new tool that I had heard about.  It is not a sewing tool per se, but it a laser line tool that you are supposed to be attached to your tools (like a circular saw, but a sewing machine is classified as a tool also), so that you can stitch a line on a diagonal without having to put markings on the fabric itself.  Not totally sold on it yet.  I do have it just taped to my machine (I have bought some command strips to attach it to my machine-and be able to use it on different machines with ease).  I don’t think I have it lined up exactly and so my stitching was a little off.  Didn’t want to fuss with it so attached my Sew Easy guide to my foot (need to get new double tick tape for it) as this is my tried and true way of doing these diagonal seams.

So as for the rest of the night, these are the projects that I am working on currently (well a few of the projects-who knows I may go to my room and pick out something different to work on).  I am so not a work on 1 project until I have it finished type of girl.  Are you?

Ok, what are you doing during International Sewing month?  Send me pics, I love seeing everyone’s work.

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