Customer quilts

So happy to be able to share these 2 quilts with you.  Quilted them for a friend in a quilt guild. The first is a storm at sea in black and gold fabrics.


I used my straight ruler and added 2 sets of lines to highlight what looks to be curved lines.  But really all the lines are straight.  I then used my curved ruler to add arcs in the squares.


I used a gold thread in the pieced center and a black in the border.  I did feathers in the border.

And this is the back.

The next one was part of a group challenge.  Each lady contributed a green fabric and the only rule was to use a piece of each fabric in the quilt.  She called it her Irish Snowball and gave me freedom to quilt it however I wanted.  This was a tough one.  I kind of liked the back better than the front.

I used my plexiglass and dry erase markers to see how it would look if I quilted from the back.  I think it would have come out good, but was unsure of how the client would like it so I scrapped that idea.  My other idea was to do overall free-motion feathers and swirls and whatnot. But after quilting the one above it came to me.  What make snowballs?  Snowflakes of course. I toyed with the idea of quilting it in green but it just didn’t seem right to have green snowflakes, so I stuck with white.

So glad the client liked both of the quilts.  I loved being able to quilt them and make them special.  If you have a quilt that you would like to have some special quilting on contact me for a quote. I love having new clients and look forward to quilting such nicely pieced projects.



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