Clear ruler feet for Domestic Sewing Machines!

Yay, they are finally ready and I ordered some and have them in stock, just a few so if you want one make sure to let me know soon.  If they go well I will order more.  What am I talking about?  Accents in Design had produced clear polycarbonate ruler feet for domestic sewing machines.  These are just like the round ruler feet on the long arm machines to use with ruler for free motion quilting, except these are clear so they increase your visibility greatly.  Here is a video on my unboxing.

Sorry for the quality of my videos, I will try to see what I can do about making them better. Or you may not actually have a problem with them, it may be just me and my ancient machine (I am so close to throwing this one out the window and getting a iPad pro that my husband says I can buy) that they don’t work so well on.

Here are some pictures of the feet and what is included to help you install them on your machine.


This is what you get with the Low, Medium and High shank Clarity foot.  Carol Olsen has done extensive research and has a list that lists a ton of machines and what foot they will take.  SO even if you don’t know if have a low, medium or high shank machine, Carol will undoubtably know and be able to help you.  I have the list so you can also contact me and I can tell you which foot you need.  Again if you are in the Long Beach, CA area I will let you bring your machine over and you can demo the foot and see if it fits and you do want it, a try before you buy sort of deal as I don’t know if any of the local stores are or will be carrying them.

Here is a video of using my ruler with my regular free motion foot on my Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0.  This is a medium shank foot and I had no problem with putting the foot on the machine and quilting with it.  It will definitely replace my regular (well my modified regular) quilting foot on this machine.  Now I just need to get it serviced to fix the annoying tension disk problem.  If anyone has a Quilt Expression 4.0 and has the problem of the disks not always engaging when you turn on the machine please let me know-I need to know I don’t have a lemon, but that it is a common problem with this machine.  Kind of validates it when you are not the only suffering with this problem.  I love the machine for piecing (since I now have my Tiara for quilting), but can use it for classes and demoing to students as it is definitely more portable than the Tiara II.

And here are some videos of me using it on my Necchi EX30, which is a low shank machine.  Clearance is a bit tight with my set screw, but I think I can get one with a smaller head which would help, especially if I were to use a higher loft batting.  But again, since I have my Tiara II for quilting, I may not use this one much, except for teaching and demoing.  This machine is lighter than my Pfaff Expression and has a smaller harp.

I was interrupted, so here is the continuation of that video.

I had a problem with my machine in the end with skipping stitches.  Here is what I think was the problem.

This is why you should always clean your machine after a session or project.  And change your needle often.  After cleaning and changing the needle it worked great, I just didn;t take a video.  Now your machine may or may not have a problem with going in all directions.  There is so much involved in free motion quilting that just putting the pedal to the metal.  Often it is your hands moving too fast or too slow for the speed of the machine or just that your machine does not like a certain direction.  I had this problem on my Pfaff until the dealer watched me and helped to see that it was the coordinating of my hands and feet.  We set my speed on medium and viola, hardly any more problems.

And my final video for this post is just me using my ruler foot and various Fine Line Rulers.

Again, I apologize for the wonky videos and the placement of the camera and my arms getting in the way.  I will get this figured out.  If you want to see the rulers in person and can come to the Long Beach, CA area (North Long Beach to be more exact), just contact me through leaving a comment on here or on my facebook page (Sandy Carreon Quilting) and we will arrange that.  I’d like to help you with your free motion journey.  If you have been free motion quilting for a while, maybe it is time to try ruler work.


Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement or endorsement, nor do I guarantee the foot will work with all machines or will not harm you machine.  If the the foot is not properly installed or the presser foot is not down the ruler may slip under and cause damage to the foot and/or machine.  Use at your own risk and follow all safety precautions.  If you have any questions please contact Accents in Design about their feet and rulers.  I have not used this product for a long period of time so do not know how it will perform in the long run, but I am optimistic and excited that there is another option for those who wish to do ruler work on their domestic machine and that this product provides more clarity (I only wish they were able to make it for the Babylock Tiara.)

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