Free-Motion Suspension System


I’m am enjoying being able to help others with their quilting.  Now that I am full-time working on my business I am planning on adding more posts and videos weekly to help you.  Today I was working on a special quilt that was put together for a friend who is ill and they wanted to cheer her up and give her some comfort during this tough time in her life.  I am really liking my Babylock Tiara 2 sit down long arm machine.  I know not everyone is able to have one and even though my video shows it with this machine, this system can by used with your domestic machine as well.  Leah Day has been an inspiration for me on my free-motion quilting journey, and I highly recommend her to help you also.  Her husband put hooks on her ceiling so that she can suspend her quilts while she quilts them.  Why do you want/need a suspension system.  Quilting a large (or even lap size) using a domestic or sit down long arm machine can be very strenuous as you shift and puddle the quilt as you quilt it.  That can make you tired and sore and not able to quilt as long as you would like to.  By suspending the quilt, you lift it off the table thereby floating it and reducing drag.  Take a look at my video to see how they work.  You may end up moving them quite a bit as you quilt, but it is much easier to clamp and unclamp the quilt than it is to shift and puddle it around the table in order to keep it from falling off the edge.

Again the suspension system I am using consists of 2 Dog Grooming arms, which can be purchased from Amazon or pet supply sites.  They come in all sorts of colors.  They have clamps that go onto your table (I used some furniture pads on mine so that it won’t damage my table.  I also needed to purchase some clamps as they did not come with the arms (dog groomers attach these to the dog collars or leashes so they do not use the clamps), but these are also readily found on Amazon or other sites.  Hope you enjoyed the video and found it useful.  If you have any questions about it or anything else please feel free to comment or contact me.


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9 Responses to Free-Motion Suspension System

  1. pamelaquilts says:

    I’m going to have to look into this! Thanks!

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  2. Ann Lamy says:

    Hey Sandy,

    THANKS for sharing such a great idea! I would love to know what exact brand/type of clamp you’re using. Some clamps are tough to open with weaker hands…and those look easy PLUS have the quilt gripping power they need.




    • These are the clamps. I bought them from Amazon.
      LimoStudio 6 PCS Black Nylon Muslin / Paper Photo Backdrop Background Clamps, 3.75 inch, AGG1242 Hope that helps you. They do hold the quilt well even though the orange tips tend to turn out, they are easy to use.


  3. lmquast says:

    Hi Sandy, Love your idea! How do you attach you clamps to the lease?


  4. Karen Lee says:

    I am so glad to see your suspension system. I’m going to create the same set up. I also just purchased a Tiara. Will watch more of your videos. Thanks.


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