What’s on the Machine today?

This is a customer quilt that I started yesterday.

It is a customer quilt using kind of a free-motion graffiti quilting, consisting of feathers, flowers, swirls and hearts and some echoing around the motifs. I posted it on a Facebook group and someone asked about the gloves I use.  I use Fons and Porter quilting gloves that I have modified.  IMG_0484


And since I have just got a new camera to try out for videos (my old one had a hard time staying focused when I did a video the other day) to show you how I modified them and how they work when I quilt.  It wasn’t quite as easy as downloading my photos here has been,but on the plus side I now have a youtube channel for my business and have added my first video which I will also share with you here.

I hope you like it and if you are tired of taking your gloves off and putting them on again all the time or your hands just get to hot and sweaty, give this a try.  There are also other things you can use to grip the quilt like sponges or shelf liner if you don’t like wearing gloves at all.  Let me know if a comment if you liked my video or if you want to see videos of the other things to use to grip you quilt.  Have a great day!

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2 Responses to What’s on the Machine today?

  1. Pamela says:

    Nice video – that’s a good idea for modifying your gloves! Your quilting looks awesome – does your machine have a stitch regulator?


    • No, I tried on my friend’s machine but at $1000 really did not need it. It has a speed control so I can set that depending on what I am doing to help me regulate my stitches. Turn it down to do outlining and turn it up when doing feathers and swirls, etc. Haven’t gone over 50% yet. This way I can have a lead foot and not be out of control. Lol


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