Productive morning

Not as cold this morning so got dressed and raked the spiky balls from the lawn (sweet gum tree). Got it all done before the street sweeper came, but I did take 2 trash cans full to out in our cans. I don’t think the street sweeper would have liked me if I would have put all that in the street. Feel much better when I get my exercise doing something productive.

Dog beds!


 Had a ton of scraps I’ve been saving and was going to give to someone to make dog beds. Found a video on how to make them with fleece on Missouri Star Quilting and since I also had some fleece decided to try it myself. Made 4 this morning and have fleece for 2 more. Will wait until I’ve quilted some more quilts so they can have some batting in them as well as the fabric scraps. Why is it so hard to part with scraps from projects when I don’t have any plans for these fabrics? I did save some pieces though as I have been wanting to make some fidget quilts for Alzheimer’s patients.

Got new rulers for my free motion quilting. Tried to make a video but it kept going in and out of focus so will try again later.

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