New Year, New Business

I have been saying for the last few years that I need to get organized and get my quilting/crafting business going.  The plan has been to do it during the summer when I am not teaching and then decide if I will be teaching the next year.  Only problem is I have been doing other things during the summer; visiting grandkids, planning the guild’s Quilt Show, going on vacations.  I decided this year that I need to start now, no time is going to be the perfect time.  I teach on Tuesday and Thursday, so Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s will be my business days.  Trying to get as much done this week as I still have this week off.  Already have my sewing room cleaned and ready for the new machine.  Got a great deal on a Babylock Tiara II sit down long-arm quilting machine.  While it wasn’t a Christmas present from my husband, his present was the best-his supporting me in this new journey of mine.  I’ve really enjoyed free-motion quilting and will be able to do much more with this machine while still having a machine to piece on and a lightweight one to take to workshops and classes.  I also have a serger and my other lightweight machine that is on its last leg.  I think I read somewhere that quilters have an average of 2.75  machine.  So I was over that average before, I am really over it now with a total of 5, no make that 6-I forgot about my antique hand-crank swing machine.

Still have a lot of planning to do this month.  Need to do a business plan, an operations plan, do research and get a pricing plan, customer worksheets, business cards.  My plan is to be ready to go by the end of January where I will help my sewing machine dealer by doing some demos on his machines and hand out my business cards at Road to California.  Also have signed up for a quilting business class.

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