Saving a quilt from bad quilting.

Ever had a quilt that you were so disappointed in the quilting that you just folded it and put it away for years? I had a client bring in a quilt that she loved…until it was quilted. I’d never taken out a whole quilt before (it was about 50” x 50” so not a huge quilt.). But it had been long arm quilted and had several places of over stitching. Here are a few pictures of it before destitching happened.

See the excess fabric? And the design in the plate didn’t match the center or the petals. And it was quilted with yellow thread. Not what the quilted wanted. I took it and unpicked a corner of the quilt to see how hard it would be and if the holes would close up. Below are my results.

So as you can see the holes did close up pretty good, i spritzed it with water and rubbed the fabric a little with a towel. I took out the stitches from the back of the quilt so I didn’t accidentally clip the quilt top. I was pretty sure I’d have to replace the backing anyhow but I didn’t want to take off the binding right away. Met with the client and showed what I used and how I did it and gave her the option of paying me to do it (might take up to 20 hours or more), or she could do it. She chose to do it. Here are the tools I found worked good for me and now are my go to unpickers.

In the end the quilt came out flat and we did not have to take off the binding or replace the back of the quilt. I then used my Tiara 2 to do custom quilting on it. I used white thread in the background and red and blue threads in the Dresden plates. The client was overcome with happiness when she saw what I did with the quilt.

No longer hidden in the closet. Quilting for others has presented me with many challenges that I have taken on and conquered. My advise is don’t be afraid to redo quilting that you are not happy with.
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Setting up my new machine

So my machine was shipped and arrived Feb 1, 2020 and the dealer came Feb 6, 2020 to install it. It was an all day job (would have taken me a lot longer, but he has done many of these so he is a pro).

Many boxes were delivered. I also needed to buy a battery backup surge protector.
My cat, Misty, was the protector of the machine.
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Very much needed update to my website.

I am so sorry that I have not updated this site in over 2 years. A lot has happened and I am still quilting and still loving it. I have been posting more on my Facebook page!/SandyCarreonQuilting/?ref=bookmarks and my Instagram page I’m on vacation at the moment and have found that it is good time to get some business done since I can’t do any quilting. So I’m updating my site here and starting my Etsy store

I’ll be adding lots of posts so I hope I don’t overwhelm you. I’ll try to do better in the future (which means I need to take more vacations I guess). But the truth is I love to quilt and would rather do that than make these posts. But I also know that I love sharing quilting and helping others so that is what I try to do with my posts. So here goes.

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New addition to my Business

2020 was a very busy year for me. At the end of January I was able to go to what would be the last in person quilt show I would go to all year (and then some as they still are not able to do in person quilt shows). At that show I purchased my Handiquilter Amara with a 12 foot frame and Pro-stitcher. My first stand up longarm with computerization so I’m able to do larger quilts and use digitized quilting designs.

This is the machine I ordered. I love the Road to California quilt show as they had all the major longarm quilting dealers. I had already done my research and had a list of machines I was interested in trying and I spent quite a few hours testing and asking questions and finally decided on the Handiquilter Amara. Since I love free motion quilting the one major deciding factor that sold me on this brand was the fact that I could go from a digital design to free motion quilting with just a touch of a button on the computer screen. So with the new machine I am able to handle larger quilts (it is on a 12 foot frame which means I can easily handle quilts as wide as 120”. And I can use digital quilting designs, and if fact with the Pro-stitcher software I can actually design my own digital quilting designs. I’ve done a few so far and hope to do more and also sell them. 2 of them are designs that are meant to be stitched in order for you to have a place to practice your free motion quilting and have something useful from it. 1 I did as a table runner and the other one can be used on a quilt of any size. I need to do more testing before I release them to be sold. If you are a machine quilter and would like to be a pattern sticker for me please send me a message.

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Art Quilt for Client


This is the finished quilt.  It is a famous bridge that the client loved and wanted to have a quilt to remember it. It was a challenge, but I like challenges.  Customer loved it and I will get a better picture of it when it is shown at her quilt show which is Feb 16-17, 2019 with the South Bay Quilters Guild at the Torrance Culteral Arts Center, 3330 Civic Center Drive,

This is what I was given.  It is a fairly small wall quilt.  The background is a watercolor style made up of 1” or 1 1/2”  squares.


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1st Anniversary Present for my son and his bride.


I love how the quilting changed the fabric, so here are some before and after pictures of the different blocks.



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Supernova De La Luna


Here is my newest quilt.  Here she is hanging at Road to California quilt show in the special exhibit put together by SCCQG.  So not in the judged show, but still there to be seen by many.  I say her on Friday and I guess you can say I am the mystery quilter as my nameplacard and info about the quilt was nowhere to be found.  Hopefully they were able to put it on for the final days.  I do have my label on the back though, but sad to say it was not displayed in a very good area, so I was kind of disappointed.  But at least it did have a light for it.  Other quilts were not so lucky.

Here are some pictures as I came up with this quilt design.  Actually started with it on the Dream big panel.


Liked her on the supernova panel better.  The girl is from Tula Pink’s De La Luna fabric line.


But decided I liked her with the scrolls around her.


And here are some of the threads I choose.4421305c-3905-44c2-ab7d-9d6f8915a62f

I Starte don’t with the metallic spiderweb and added the feathers using Patsy Thompson’s hyperquilting.

And here she is finished.  I added some crystals to highlight areas, but unfortunately they don’t photograph well.


My final touch was a black widow spider hanging by a silver thread.  We’ll see if she survives the weekend.  She will be displayed at The Sewing Escape, 7713 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA until her next show, which will be April 13 and 14 at the Quilters by the Sea Quilt Show at the EXPO Arts Center in Long Beach.  You can purchase advance tickets for $8 until March 14th, contact me or go to our website at

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Cherrywood Van Gogh quilt

Here is the picture I used for my quilt, I took his painting and made it square using Procreate on my iPad.


This was the first picture when I had the background put together and added the stars and started to do the quilting (picture was taken June 16).  The kits came with the 3 blues in the background and a black.  I could only use Cherrywood fabrics.  As luck would have it I went to a guild quilt show June 9th while visiting my daughter and found a grab bag of Cherrywood fabrics.  I choose one that had the most yellows since that is what I was missing for the stars and moon. I wasn’t very impressed with my decisions and even contemplated starting over or at least redoing part of it.

2nd stage

But I persevered and kept at it. It looked better the more quilting I added and with the buildings.


I liked it much better when I did the cypress tree (couched it on with my Tiara II and the couching foot).  I looked at many a store for the perfect yarn. Still felt it needed more.  I had some beads from another project and went shopping for more.

before beading

Here is how the beading started.




Now it was really starting to look good.  Here are some close-ups after it was finished.


closeup2Turbulence in Thread and Beads detil 2

I used fusible web to attach the buildings and then used invisible thread to stick around them.  Also added details to the building with a Micron pen.


And the final product. Which I needed to send photos in by August 1st with a measuring tape to prove it was 20″.  I love how the variegated thread added texture and movement to the quilt.

Tubulence in Thread and Beads

This is what the back looks like. Oh, I also added some glow in the dark thread to some of the stars and swirl.  The yellow is a fluorescent yellow thread not the glow in the dark one.

Version 2


If you want to follow the quilts and where they are going, here is the link.

Where it will be traveling.

I hope you get the chance to make it to one of the exhibits and see all 120 quilts.  They have another 80 that are in the Dutch Gallery which will be going to other venues.


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Working on my bunny quilt

Working on the bunnies I bought at a quilt show last year.  

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Opportunity quilt for Los Angeles County Quilters Guild

I had the privilege of quilting the quilt for my guild this year.  Such a nice quilt.  Had 3D flowers along the borders and they wanted some fun things quilted on it.  Quilted bees, butterflies, dragonflies, hummingbirds and caterpillars. Don’t know if they’ll show up much in the pictures.  You can email me if you’d like to buy tickets for the quilt.  $1 for 1 or 6 for $5.  Drawing will be April 28, 2018 at 3PM. 

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